ITs All about Having Phun.. !!

ITs All about Having Phun.. !!
Fun is fun ! who caers abuot da spealing !!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunset Love!

One beautiful evening!
Somewhere near da beach!
A couple talking wid each other !
It’s almost Dark! And Jack n Jill Enjoying …and Jack said:

Jack : Here ! so let’s start ??
Jill : no I told u last time also.. m not gonna have this
Jack : Cmon it’s not gonna hurt!
Jill : You told d same last time also ..
Jack : This time I m sure.. here put this in ur mouth
Jill : M not gonna Put THAT in my mouth
Jack : Cmon Its nice !
Jill : no first u put this in ur mouth
Jack : How can I do that ??? Cmon ladies first :P
Jill : OK but only once ?
Jack : M sure you wil enjoy this !!
Jill : ummmm Its nice.. juicy !
Jack : C I told u its gonna b nice !
Jill : OUCH!!
Jack : Wat happened ?
Jill: C this is bleeding now !
Jack : OMG m so sorry sweetie !!
Jill : Told m not gonna Try !
Jack : m sorry ! try again now ! here put this side now !
Jill : Oops U spillin It all over my clothes
Jack : Sorry sorry !! Here clean it !
Jill : My dad’s gonna kill me if he finds this
Jack : Its ok !! nothing gona happen u wana try more??
Jill : no my jaw is paining !
Jack : Ok lemmi finish it then !
Jill : Told u eating SUGARCANE like this is realy painfull..
Jack : I gues u r right from next time I’l directly bring the juice :)
Jill : Okay :)

Hope u Enjoyed the conversation !!
God bless ur Dirty mind !
Have Phun !!


Alok said...

up ur ante bro! this was sugarcane from the beginning!!! :P :P

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! seriously!!

Harshita said...

Whoz dirty mind? What dirty? LOL!! :D

Vishal said...

thanx buddies

@harshita wat dirty mind ? main kuch samjha nahi :P lol

Aditya Nandode said...


sharad harjai said...


Anonymous said...

pata chal raha hai dirty mind kiska hai :P

Kedar said...

Hahaha... Verry funny

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